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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tie Tips

These are important Tips for tying the perfect tie Knot and keeping the Shape of your tie.

Rule #1: Don't leave yourself less then 5 or ten minutes to tie your tie. Give yourself enough time to properly tie, readjust as necessary and lock down the crucial dimple.

Rule #2: Use the help of a mirror to assist you in tying your tie. You'll need to measure whether the tie is the right length and if it lays properly on your shirt.

Rule #3: Once you finish with your knot, the fat end should hang lower than the thin end, covering it entirely. You don't want the fat end to hang too low. A rule of thumb to know for sure that your tie is the proper length, you need to make sure that the bottom tip of the tie touches the upper part of your belt or your pants, if not wearing a belt.

Rule #4: When removing your tie, don't pull the thin end through the knot. By doing so, you will ruin the shape of the tie. Remove the tie by doing the tying steps backwards.